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Redfish Pointe

Redfish Point Mixed Use Preserve Land Use District
350 Acres Gulf Access SW Cape Coral

Redfish Pointe Mixed Use Preserve Land Use District

The Redfish Pointe Mixed Use Preserve Future Land Use District has been filed with the City of Cape Coral to create a template for future development and improvements on approximately 110 acres, while preserving 250 acres or 2/3 of the Property.  A mixed use community similar to Tarpon Pointe and Cape Harbour is envisioned for the property, a maximum density of 800 units, a 300 room resort hotel, restaurants, shops and offices similar in scale to the two adjacent waterfront communities. As the City continues to grow, waterfront access and appreciation of natural vistas will continue to be important to its citizens.  The proposed roadway, accessing the Property from Rose Garden Road, would include pedestrian and bike paths.  There would be a 120 space parking lot on site that would enable the public to enjoy the Caloosahatchee River through access to an elevated 20′ wide boardwalk that would include observation decks.

There are no zoning actions or specific development proposed at this time.  For more information on the land use application and assessments of the property, please contact either Annette Barbaccia, or Linda Miller at Avalon Engineering

A Future Land Use text amendment, the “Redfish Pointe Mixed Use Preserve District” has been submitted to the City of Cape Coral. The amendment would establish 110.22 acres for development and improvements, approximately one third of the Property while continuing to preserve the remaining two thirds. The amendment and related actions would result in the following:

  • A 90.37 acre Mixed Use Development Site – allowing a maximum of 800 multi-family units, a resort hotel, waterfront restaurants, retail shops and office space up to a 1 FAR collectively, a maximum of 15 habitable stories above 5 parking levels.
  • Provision of 120 Public Parking Lot and a 20 foot wide Boardwalk along the waterfront connecting to the parking lot and Development Site.
  • A 2.26 acre, 100 ft wide access road connection from Rose Garden Road to the internal roadway, including bike and pedestrian paths and landscaped median.
  • Conveyance of 54.02 acres of high-quality wetlands permanently to the City of Cape Coral.
  • 75’ wide landscaping/natural area buffer separating the internal roadway from the adjacent residential community along SW 1st Court.
  • Boat Slips may be available subject to agency review.